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Tiempo, Spanish for time.

A truly great cup of coffee needs perfect timing; when picking, when processing, when shipping, when roasting and the role of the barista is all about timing; timing of movement, timing of the extraction, timing in interacting with customers and hopefully turning up on time. (It's and early start for us baristas and sometimes we miss that darn alam clock)

I sat down and thought of everything I would want from a roaster, if I was working full time as a barista. With the team at Belaroma Coffee we then went about making exactly that available to you, that is if you are a barista, a cafe or resturant owner.

We buy beans based on cup quality alone. We insist that you and your baristas are trained by us to the highest standards possible. Our coffee will only ever go through the best grinders and the best espresso machines.

Our mission is Integrity to the cup, from the tree to you and every place in between.

Our goal is to learn and grow in skill and knowledge about coffee, every day. We hope that our coffee tastes better tomorrow than it does today, because it will mean that we learnt something new.